Mani & Pedi

We’re Mani & Pedi experts, and our services range from a simple cut and reshape to a full-blown luxury manicure or pedicure experience. We have every colour you can think of– and even some you haven’t!

The relaxing, rejuvenating pedicure includes a foot soak, nail and cuticle care, and hard skin removal and scrub. Upgrade to a luxury pedicure to receive a luxury foot mask. Your chosen polish colour is then applied to perfection and finished with a moisturising lotion.

Natural Nails

Cut and Shape £7

Cut and Shape for toes £10

Manicure no polish £15

Manicure with polish £20

Pedicure no polish £27

Pedicure with polish £30


iExpress Acrylic nails

Fast and more efficient than traditional acrylic nails, iExpress Acrylic nails are done in as little as 30 minutes! Nails are long, strong, and durable, with the same look and feel as classic acrylic nails.

Fullset with Gel Polish £30

Infills £30 with Gel Polish £30


Acrylic/Gel Powder Extensions

The combination of Acrylic/Gel Powder Extensions is popular for a reason, it creates natural long, beautiful nails with the option to go big and bold. This service is ideal for those looking for instant drama as well as those who struggle with breakage or weak nails.

Acrylic Full-set £30

Acrylic infills £25

Acrylic Full-set with Gel Polish £38

Acrylic or Gel Powder Infills with Gel Polish £33



Chic style awaits with Ombré nails. Using a custom creation of gradient colour, a lighter base colour is at the nail bed which then gradually blends into a darker colour toward the tip. Clients can design their own style, with the personalised Ombré nail application.

Ombre Powder Full-Set £38

Ombre Powder Infills £33

Gel Polish

Spend less time at the salon with Gel Polish! This option works great on natural nails, as it stays vibrant and un-chipped for up to three weeks. Gel Polish can be added on to the luxury manicure or pedicure for an opulent boost of beauty.

Gel Polish Hands £20

Gel Polish Toes £25

Gel Polish with Mani £28

Gel Polish with Pedi £38


BIAB AKA “Builder In A Bottle”

An alternative option to gel polish, BIAB effectively strengthens the natural nail which is why it has become such a popular choice. BIAB can also be used for extensions, offered in a wide array of colours of nude tones so clients can add gel colour on top.

BIAB Overlay £35

BIAB Overlay with Gel Polish £40

BIAB Extension £45

BIAB Extension with Gel Polish £50

BIAB infills £30

BIAB infills with Gel Polish £35

Dipping Powder

Your monthly treatment for chip-free nails! Often known and referred to as SNS nails, the dip powder nail technique is more durable than gel polish. The technique involves dipping or bushing the powder onto the nail and then sealing it in on the surface. Dipping Powder manicures can last for up to one full month, so you look effortlessly chic each and every day.

Dipping Powder Overlay £35

Dipping Powder Extensions Full-Set £40

Dipping Powder Overlay Toes £40


Hard Gel

This enhances the nail similarly to acrylic nails but with the added benefit of UV light. The hard gel hardens through UV light making it more flexible than acrylic but just as strong.

Hard Gel Overlay £43

Hard Gel Overlay with Gel Polish £48

Hard Gel Extension £48

Hard Gel Extension with Gel Polish £53

Hard Gel infills £35

Hard Gel infills with Gel Polish £38

Add ons

Gel Recovery Treatment £10

Gel Recovery Treatment with take off £15

Take off only £10

Add French Tips £5

Add Deep French Smile £7

Add Diamond Powder £5

Add Chrome £5

Add Nail Art from £3

Add Gems from £3

Single Repair from £3

Single Toe Repair from £4

Add extra long length from £5-£10

Add take off with nail treatment £5