Lashes - Classic

If you’re looking for elegant natural lashes, the Classic lashes are a no-brainer! Specialists use a technique where a single extension is attached to a single lash for soft yet boosted lash beauty. Classic lashes offer fuller, longer, thicker, lashes, depending on the desired look. Body Boutique has a wide selection of sizes, thicknesses, and lengths which you and your lash expert can choose from.

Classic Full-set £68

Classic Infills £43



Hybrid lashes are done through two effective techniques, boosting lash volume and length. It utilises individual lash extensions along with SVS/Russian resulting in texture lash extensions that look natural and gorgeous, usually lasting for a couple of months.

Hybrid Full-set £73

Hybrid infills £48



Mink lashes are extensions done with real mink fur, offering more human lash quality, and more natural than synthetic. Mink lashes are light enough to place multiple extensions on a single natural lash, and they last longer than traditional extensions, which is why so many swear by them!

Mink Full-set £78

Mink Infills £48


Volume Pre-Made

Perfect for your next night out, Volume Pre-Made lashes also called “pro-made lashes”, are volume fans designed by an eyelash extension supplier, which the specialist will then apply to perfection.


Pro-made Volume Full-set £88

Pro-madeVolume Infills £53

Pro-made Mega Volume Full-set £93

Pro-made Mega Volume £55


Russian Volume Handmade

This gives you truly show-stopping lashes, custom made fans are applied to individual lashes creating dramatic volume. For a false lashes look that lasts, the Russian Volume Handmade option is ideal, plus it can be completely customised to the client’s preferences.


Handmade Volume Full-Set £115

Handmade Volume Infills £65



Tinting your brows and/or lashes instantly adds definition to your face making you look better than ever. Add Brow Shaping for the ultimate beauty boost!

Brow tint £12

Lash tint £14



Lash Lift

The longer the lashes the better the beauty! Lash Lift is a semi-permanent treatment that creates the look of thicker, longer lashes.

Lash Lift £40

Lash Lift and tint £45


Brow Lamination

Get full, flirty, fluffy brows with Brow Lamination. It enhances and evens out the natural brows and pairs perfectly with a tint for bold brow beauty.

Brow Lamination and tidy £40

Brow Lamination, tint and tidy £45


Henna Brows

Henna Brow is similar to tinting but longer lasting (up to 6 weeks)! A specialist will map the ideal brow shape for your face before applying a natural shade, increasing facial symmetry and defining the brow.

Henna Brows (including shape) £40


Brow Extensions

Boost brow volume and define shape with our Brow Extensions! Specialists apply each brow extension one by one for full fiercely beautiful brows.

Full-Set £65

Infills £45