Laser Hair Removal Specialists, Watford

This is a long-term solution that puts an end to painful waxing, shaving and irritation that can come from other forms of hair removal. Laser hair removal is completely safe, and painless, leaving you with long lasting results. Our state-of-the-art 3D Trilogy Ice machine is designed to be used on all parts of the body, including the most sensitive areas. You will be made to feel comfortable throughout the treatment, and will need no recovery time.

Say goodbye to unwanted body hair!

Body Boutique Offers A Permanent Solution With Laser Hair Removal In Watford

The laser hair removal specialists at Body Boutique’s clinic near Harrow, use the 3D-Trilogy Ice machine, which furthers the amazing and long-lasting results of laser hair removal while making it more comfortable than ever before. Its advanced technology works by heating the deeper layers of the skin to alter the function of the hair follicle. It’s the safest and most effective hair removal solution on the market.

Hair Removal Technology
The 3D-Trilogy Ice laser hair removal system integrates and benefits using three wavelengths, achieving maximum results when compared to a single wavelength. This treatment can dramatically diminish the amount of hair in the area, often stopping it completely. It can be used on all areas of the body, making it perfect for women or men.

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Your laser hair removal specialist will discuss a bespoke treatment plan for you during your initial consultation. Following your customised hair removal course, hair regrowth is reduced by approximately 20% after each session, with 6-8 appointments recommended. Based on your concerns, skin type and hair type, Body Boutique will design a plan that gets you the incredible results you want.
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