Mini Facial (30mins)

Glow up and go with the Mini Facial! This facial includes a cleanse, light exfoliation, toner, and a face mask followed by a moisturising face massage.



Deep Pore Cleansing (60mins)

A deep clean for your face, this treatment comes with traditional facial steaming to flush out any impurities in the skin, clearing clogged pores and increasing circulation. The Deep Pore Cleansing leaves skin dewy and bright, restoring a youthful complexion.



Dermalux LED Light therapy

This non-invasive therapy treatment offers proven results for rejuvenated skin. Using wavelengths along with LED light, Dermalux LED Light therapy reduces signs of ageing, diminishes acne, and boosts overall skin health. With just one treatment, clients leave with vibrant complexions and a more plump appearance of their skin. LED treatments and therapy apply wavelengths to the deepest layers of the skin, energising the cells so they renew, regenerate, and repair up to 200% faster.

Dermalux LED is based upon using a trio of clinically proven wavelengths: blue 415 nm, red 633 nm, and near-infrared 830 nm.

Blue light has antibacterial properties that purify skin, ridding it of toxins. It has a relaxing effect on problematic acne-prone skin by normalising oil production.

Red light is used to energise cells, rejuvenating skin by increasing collagen and elastin production, which increase overall hydration and promote smoother, firmer, more youthful complexions.

Near-infrared increases cell permeability and absorption, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, improving elasticity, and reducing inflammation. It also accelerates wound healing!

30mins £30

30mins £25 (add to any facial)




Rest, relax, and unwind with our classic Swedish massage. Using a variety of movements aimed to energise the body, your masseuse will target superficial muscles and improve circulation boosting overall health and mental well-being.

30mins £35

1hr £50


Deep Tissue

Serious stress requires Deep Tissue Massage. Perfect for those who have overworked, sore, or healing muscles, this massage will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged. It’s known to reduce pain, improve movement, and speed up healing.

30mins £35

1hr £55


Bamboo Massage

Using bamboo sticks to give manual pressure, this type of form of massage works wonders in the fight against cellulite! The treatment increases blood circulation and stimulates skin tissue, leaving clients relaxed, energised, and looking lovely.

30mins £35

1hr £55


Pregnancy Massage

Every mum-to-be deserves a treat, and there’s nothing better than a massage! The Pregnancy Massage soothes aches and pains, leaving mum feeling happy, healthy, and calm.

30mins £30

1hr £50


Back Scrub

Indulge in a 30minute relaxing back and neck exfoliating scrub massage. This treatment helps to cleanse and nourish the skins whiles leaving your muscles feeling relaxed.

30mins £30


Back Facial

A relaxing back treatment targeting deep pores, using purifying techniques such as steam extraction, exfoliation  and mud mask to promote clear, refreshed skin and relaxation.

1hr £50